How to Fuel for the Great North Walk 100s

By Brendan Davies (2011 – 100km Winner and 2012 – 100ml Winner) and Hammer Nutrition

Nutrition does not have to be complicated when you understand the basics.  Below are 6 nutritional guidelines to STOP making simple Nutrition errors.

  1. Keep fluid intake during exercise between 475-830ml per hourgnw
  2. Restrict caloric intake between 120-180 calories/hour during exercise
  3. Avoid simple sugar in you fuels; use complex carbohydrates
  4. Electrolytes
  5. Replenish your body with carbohydrates and protein as soon as possible after each exercise session
  6. Nutrition Practice – This is something that is so fundamentally important, but can be completely overlooked until race day! Do not do that. Practice your Nutrition like you practice your training! This practise will pay huge dividends on race day.

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