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Hammer Nutrition has allowed me to perform at my best and has been my only fuel of choice. Now racing ITU World Cup events I still choose Hammer as it’s great to have confidence in a company that only uses ingredients with no additives, colourings, or added simple sugars. Training three times a day I need a high quality product that provides me with consistent fuel during the day.

Jesse Featonby, Australia


The Hammer Advantage

Whether your workouts or races last an hour or two, or a week or two, Hammer Nutrition has the fuels that your body craves. You can completely and perfectly fulfill your pre–, during–, and post–workout requirements from our line of fuels. However, with so many choices and combinations of choices, how do you know which to choose?

This article describes our fuels in detail and tells you how to best use them. For ease of comparison and for systematically sorting out your needs, we divide our fuels into four categories: Calorie/Energy Sources, Electrolytes, Protein Powders, and Recovery Drink.

Calorie/Energy Sources – What To Choose

We have four products in this category.

The first two listed, Hammer Gel and HEED, have only carbohydrates as their energy source.

Choose them for events lasting up to two hours, perhaps up to three hours on occasion (see the section “The Gray Area of Fueling” in the article Proper Caloric Intake During Endurance Exercise for more details), especially when the pace is fast and intense (75–85%+ MHR).

The other two on the list, Sustained Energy and Perpetuem, contain protein also and other components for fueling longer exercise sessions.

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